Comment: I should clarify.

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I should clarify.

I'm saying the "Holocaust" had to be invented in order to fulfill the prophecy and create Israel.

I have researched the so-called "Holocaust" and I have come to the conclusion that the official story is a bunch of baloney. To this day there exists no shred of credible evidence that even a single Jew was gassed. Think I'm wrong? Find me a photo of a Nazi gas chamber. And no, I'm not talking about a bomb shelter with the walls knocked out and a fake chimney that's not even attached to the building. I mean a real gas chamber. You can't, because they never existed.

FYI here is what a real gas chamber looks like, an American one to be exact:

Now, that is not to say that Jews and others didn't die in concentration camps. Many of them did die of Typhus, and I'm sure many were also shot or worked to death. But there was never any mass extermination plan, and far, far less than six million died. However, the myth was needed in order to fulfill the prophecy and to generate sympathy to establish the state of Israel. So after the war, the "Holocaust" narrative was created; forged documents, confessions extracted via torture, Soviet "reconstructions" of camps and a hefty dose of guilt were all used to manipulate the masses (including Jews themselves) into believing that the Jews were in danger of being "exterminated" and needed a safe haven, far away from the evil non-Jews that wanted to kill them. Thus Israel, the racist, collectivist nation was born.

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