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Comment: Ron Paul vs. The Imaginary Constitution

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Ron Paul vs. The Imaginary Constitution

Good interview.

Since it's about Mr. Rockwell, I'd like to recall us about a VERY important article from Dr. Ron Paul, written years ago, as I would hate the words from Ron Paul about "the Constitution failing us" to be MISINTERPRETED :

Federal Courts and the Imaginary Constitution

IMO, there is no problem with the Constitution (if only with at least the 16th and 17th amendments stripped off) or even less, with the Bill of Rights - Amendments I to X.

On this end, I sincerely think that Dr. Ron Paul really meant to say that corrupt rent-seeking politicians and other cronies CAN ALWAYS FIND WAYS TO ABUSE even the best Constitution ever written, as long as the People, ITSELF, is complacent enough to let them do so.

Also, besides Bastiat's "The Law", also remember the words of one of the most famous (and quite despicably cynical) PTB ever on HOW USEFUL IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN to some, to carry out their plans, TO BETRAY THE LANGUAGE, BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE :

"Give me six lines written by the most honorable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him."

-- Cardinal Richelieu


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