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That page is definitely

That page is definitely evidence of a building which has suffered irrecoverable damage and will likely collapse. Of that I have no doubt. It certainly reads like foundation damage, with the whole building swaying.
From that page:

William Rodriguez, who led firefighters partway up the stairwells (from an account of a speech of his): The firemen made it up to the 27th floor but were exhausted from the burden of their equipment. As William had ascended the stairwell he, as well as the firemen, had heard explosions from the 20th through the 30th floor. Chunks of the building were falling down all around them

William Rodriguez tells the story of that event quite clearly. He is the one that said that there was an explosion in the basement BEFORE the plane hit the tower. His tale is quite harrowing and heroic. He speaks of damage that would not have been caused by the planes impact, seen before the events with the firemen in the stairwell (he had the only key, is why he was there). His experience (as he tells it) isn’t consistent with the conclusions of collapse due to plane.
That page shows that the towers were damaged, not how. And, with the non-symmetrical damage seen and heard, a symmetrical collapse? Three times? Three completely different circumstances, in three completely different buildings caused exactly the same result? The twin towers weren’t quite the same, they were at different heights. What did happen to that top part? Why did it vaporize, and not simply fall into the street, as most things that have a building ripped out from under them do? Some would say that it pounded the building down like a pile driver. What then, of the other building, it had no such pile driver. Yet, they both collapsed symmetrically with no little pieces left. Tower 7, so impressed by this, got weak kneed and collapsed in sympathy.

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