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Online education such as this

Online education such as this is generally known as MOOC. See this link:

Khanacademy was one of the inspirations for efforts such as these and this phenomenon first took off with Udacity, another MOOC. Coursera then followed afterwards.

Coursera was mainly started up by Stanford university, where all the other universities joined up at a later date. Its main competitor is Edx (formerly MITx, which still exists), which is a joint between MIT and Harvard (2 other universities later joined up as well).

These MOOC's have been popping up like mushrooms ever since and is considered a revolution by the education field. There are more MOOC's besides these 3, but these 3 are the most well known. Right now, education is incredibly expensive and ever since MOOC's came into existence, others have jumped on the bandwagon afraid they would miss out on the developements. After all, most MOOC's are free and have some significant advantages over traditional education, namely minimal costs with an almost unlimited reach out to students. For more advantages, look up the TEDtalks discussing these subjects:

However, a caution must be added. Right now, MOOC's are free, but should they ever catch on or influence the universities current revenue model, there's a high possibility that a fee might still be implemented (though likely still much lower than normal). So if you want completely free education, right now is the moment, before they catch on completely.

For more advantages and disadvantages, there are numerous articles discussing these. Look those up as well.