Comment: Sincerely, our ever ongoing divisions on this are getting old.

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Sincerely, our ever ongoing divisions on this are getting old.

In all sincerity, our ever ongoing divisions on this are getting old.

Yes, our divisions around which religion to blame vs. which to praise, which killed the most innocents vs. which had the most martyrs in humanity, etc ... are getting REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, old ... from my point view.

Like the oft-heard, literally PARROTED argument I heard all too often in my childhood, on TV, in public schools, on TV here again, and now on "Liberty forums" on the DP, that religions have killed so many people all around the world (well, yes) in all times ! ... that they STILL ought to be a primary focus of ours to be wary of ... against their "fanatics", and to debate, frown upon, argue about, etc.

Okay, but wait. "In all times", did you say ? Including... like today ? Hence the relevance of our STILL ONGOING DIVISIONS, there ?

Wait. Can't we know better ? TODAY.

Yes, literally ... pay attention to the word : TODAY ? Like right now ? Like in the 1990s ? Like in the 1980s ? Like in the ... 1950s ? Wait. Like way back in 1910 ?

So, it has been a BAD RELIGIONS VS. GOOD RELIGIONS ***ALL** ALONG ? Up to ... TODAY, so that we SPEND SOOOO MUCH TIME, EFFORT, AND SPITE FIGHTING in these endless arguments ?


Let's ask again : CAN'T WE know MUCH BETTER ?

And for a good while, now.

To my point, then ... finally :

Do you believe ? Are you a Christian ? If yes : read what follows literally. If you're an atheist : you're still welcome, brother, then just take it as a metaphor.


For more than a hundred years now, this is THE VERY BEAST ITSELF RISING, NOW (that Babylon was riding) :

And if I were THE BEAST, that's EXACTLY what I'd do, INDEED !

Yes, that's what I do :

I'd sure try somehow to have the people that I will devour be kept hypnotized, like a deer in headlights, by the Fall of Babylon -religions that failed-, yes, for them to NOT notice MY SUDDEN AND VIOLENT RISE, BEFORE MY WRATH AND DEVOURING THEM COMES.

My friends : we can almost regret Babylon and her past ride of the Beast, ALREADY.

Global Government and Global Enslavement are THE NEW, CURRENT EVIL, NOW ... for a 100 years in fact.

It's REALLY time to update our world's INFAMYBOOK status, my friends.

Thank you.

And Peace.

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