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Following the money

of that war has convinced me that the PTB was backing all sides, and profiting hugely.
As speculation only, if they wanted to inflame America to join the war (which they did want), evidence of that sort of atrocity should do nicely. It did not. It took the attack on Pearl Harbor to make that happen.
Skewing the data to exaggerate or outright make up stuff wouldn’t have been that hard with 1940's information technology. That is verifiably not beyond the government’s power or ethics. Pearl Harbor itself has been proven to be a setup (among other situations). If the start of the war was a setup, I am not beyond believing (with evidence) that the narrative of that story is off as well. Not saying Hitler wasn’t bad, just wondering how far off that narrative could be.
I believe the “war on terror” is similar enough to draw some corollaries.

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