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I agree

that the cathlic church is awful. But the fact of the matter is that as soon as the Bible got printed in different nations languages (not just latin, hebrew, and greek), the cathlic church almost died. For centuries they killed people in england for teaching their kids the Lords prayer, or the ten commandments in english. You know why, because both of those things showed the hypocracy of the catholic church.

For centuries if they found someone with a Bible (one of their banned books) they would tie it around there neck and burn them at the stake, and often times the person burning at the stake would (after the ropes around their hands were burned off) open the Bible and began reading it to the people.

The catholic church is the most corrupt entity on the planet, by far. But just because they have never ever heeded anything the Bible has to say does not mean the Bible is wrong. Heck Gods word refers to the catholic church as the great whore.