Comment: I love Santa Claus

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I love Santa Claus

For quite some time, I was very upset by it. Disturbed that the two people who are tasked with keeping me safe and secure and growing healthy have blatantly lied to me about something. It caused me cognitive dissonance, before I knew the term.

These days, I love the story of Santa Claus because it will teach my children that they need to evaluate evidence to find the reality. Not just parrot anything anyone tells them. If the two people charged with keeping them safe can lie to them, then anyone can lie to them, and they need to see through the lie. Santa Claus is "harmless" in that they are not being deprived of property, resources, or energy (in fact, there are gifts that are a reward).

It is similar to another post I made here recently, that parents help show children consequences before a man with a gavel puts them in a cage with killers and rapists. The "first lie" (I actually had a continuum, "Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, God" but I've since stricken the last one; religion might be a good replacement there, and perhaps government as well) is incredibly important to a growing mind's development. And it should happen in a controlled environment, rather than the dangerous real world.

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