Comment: Israel's virtue is not the question

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Israel's virtue is not the question

I almost never post but I have to mention something that seems to be going on in the Liberty movement.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Israel. Some think they are evil while others see them as being in the same boat as we are--at the whim of a growing government. Whatever is true about Israel, we know one thing for sure: Israel is not America. Her interests are not our own.

Perhaps I feel sympathy for the innocent Israelis who are frequently attacked by Hamas. Or perhaps I am appalled by the arrogant assertions of power that Israel wields over the people of Gaza. If we see the ancient squabbles going on in that area of the world as something that should affect U.S. foreign policy, we mistake. There should be a single policy--Peace between the U.S. and other nations. The one thing that ALL other nations should be confident about, which is that the U.S. will not be drawn into their wars. We will not make entangling alliances. We will not involve ourselves in arguments that we know little-to-nothing about.

We shouldn't be looking to subdue Israel, OR her enemies, OR anybody else in the world.