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Confussion everywhere

Let me explain what is going on and why things are the way they are. This country was founded on the ideas of liberty. That means that no person or group of persons could command any other person or group of persons how to lead their lives. It is very clear what a statute is, and that is a rule or law that has been written down. Sir William Blackstone stated this in his Commentaries on the Laws of England published in 1754.

Statutes created by a legislature and applied to persons not of that legislature is the opposite of liberty. That is why sovereignty has been vested in the people of the United States and not in the United States itself. Sovereignty is the authority to decree law. Even though the people are vested with sovereignty they are not immune from public opinion. That is why there is a grand jury and the indictment process.

In 1215, all the barons of England gathered their armies and marched against their King, John II. John was not very likable and he did not follow through with many of his agreements with his lords. In fact he often would do the opposite of what he agreed to do. When all the barons had enough, they cornered their King and forced him to sign the Magna Carta. In the Magna Carta was invented the idea of a Grand Jury composed of 25 barons who if the King stepped out of line could be checked. These 25 barons represented the opinion of the public and had the authority to take what ever measures necessary to remedy the problem. The Grand Jury is how the sovereignty of the King could be overruled.

Therefor any action taken by a state without a grand jury indictment is subverting your sovereignty and is an act of tyranny. But if you are indicted by a grand jury well then you must answer to the norms of public opinion.