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Again, yes.

We've been going in circles here. So for the last time:

Again, there are not and never have been two peoples of God -- Gentiles were grafted into the very same olive tree with believing Jews, God's Church.

Second: Abraham was an Iraqi and Ruth was a Moabite (just two examples). They became Jews by faith in the one true God.

Third: The land promise you speak of in the OT was always tied to the Mosaic Covenant. If they did not obey the law of Moses, they could not possess the land (Lev. 20:22, Deut. 30:1-10).

Do you think the modern, secular state of Israel keeps the law of Moses?

Fourth: God has removed the Mosaic Covenant forever; so since possession of the land was tied to the Mosaic Covenant, any God-given right to that strip of land in the Middle East is also gone.

Fifth: It doesn't matter anyway, because the land Covenant now includes the entire earth, which the meek (believers in Christ) shall inherit.

Sixth: The entire Old Testament points to Christ, the Seed of Abraham.