Comment: I usually avoid posts of this sort.

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I usually avoid posts of this sort.

But I will continue to point out that belief in God and religion are two entirely different things, and someone who starts with the assumption that they are the same (as you seem to do) while at the same time attributing some kind of unbiased perception of truth to "science" as you seem to do, has not found a solid basis for beginning a discussion.

Your starting point can only lead to unending bickering, because you have no basis for your initial assumptions.

The fact that some religious people opposed a false assertion (that the earth revolves around the sun) out of fear of something that challenged their world view (and their own semi-false assertion) is no reason to embrace the false assertion. The fact, furthermore, that some Catholics attacked other Catholics without any real basis for doing so is no reason to embrace the kind of thinking leading to that false assertion. You prefer Copernicus and his scientific approach? Fine, that's an expression of your religion and probably his. Recognize it as such. I'm not going to attack you over it.

It is not true that the Earth revolves around the Sun. It is a matter of frame of reference, as far as any scientist understands at the present---in contradiction to pseudo-scientists (or sciophiles, or whatever you want to call yourself) who think the Catholic-Copernican controversy somehow settles all discussion of how to comprehend the universe. Taking a frame of reference with the Sun at the center---and making other obviously false assumptions---leads to a simpler mathematical analysis associated with planetary motion, because the Sun is more "massive"---though, of course, nobody really knows what mass is. That's it. There is no fundamental truth which says the Earth does or does not revolve around the Sun or the Sun around the Earth. The "laws" of physics are not really laws at all in spite of the pretentious name. They are not well defined, and they are not even understood---not any of them at any fundamental level. If you want to think about the nature of the universe and how things work, that's fine. But to come in with the totalitarian idea that others have to accept your "laws" of physics is absolutely no different than coming in with the idea that people have to accept the assertion that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

How is someone who recognizes your religion supposed to have a discussion with you, when you don't even recognize your own religion and are more than willing to use nature through your scientific understanding to destroy the lives of anyone who opposes your totalitarian beliefs? What are you doing to reign in the use of science and technology in destroying the world? Let me guess, you don't recognize that as your responsibility even though you uncritically embrace science as your religion. Lovely.