Comment: The closed mindedness of some

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The closed mindedness of some

The closed mindedness of some "truthers" reminds me of neocons, ultra leftist and bible thumpers who focus on one thing only. There is no room for discussion amongs some of you. Your right and i'm wrong and i'm gonna show you by having you view a bunch of conjecture and opinion on a YouTube video. You guys are so sure that the building was brought down by demolition because some guy said pull it? OR they planted super secret, super duper explosives. There are accidents that happen all of time that you could try and probably could, connect dots to make it look like it was caused by something other than what it was.

Get real. Was gooberment responsible yes, but not directly. These ass clowns in Washington can't get anything straight yet they planned and executed this operation without any hickups, whistle blowers or witnesses. Naw, they just ignored their "intelligence". That's all.

I think most of your alls time would be better used by learning more history and trying to understand it. Then you could be explaining to people how this was caused by blowback than to keep pushing a flawed THEORY that the majority of people WILL NEVER, EVER believe.

If anyone want to discuss this I'm open, IF you just want to downvote then go cover your ears, close your eyes, and keep drinking YOUR koolaid.