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There is an emotional dimension to Paul

I was asking because I had a little confusion over the overall 'Ron Paul experience', both personally and seeing others who had a 'Paul fever' stronger than my own. This was especially clear after the primary election was unwinnable and people started posting pretty far-fetched hail mary scenarios for winning and even Penthouse-letters-to-the-editor style fan fantasy.

It occurred to me that the Paul phenom was beyond ideas. The emotional connection is likely why, for example, Walter Block has multi-year outrage against Molyneax and why Molyneax has been all but wiped from LRC, despite Stef being one of the movement's brightest thinkers. Stef dared to be critical of Paul.

I'm guessing that if you previously had an emotional connection to the Dr. you would have made your case to Paul supporters differently, like not calling them names in the title of your post. But then if you want to appeal to anybody, it's probably not polite to start with the namecalling anyways.


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