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This is going to sound a

This is going to sound a little stupid, but I should have asked you what you meant by your first comment to me because I didn’t understand where you were coming from. But I didn't so instead I just picked up on your last sentence:
“No link to Passover? The blood of the lamb and all?”

and gave a scripture verse to support it.

But to explain the verse I gave in support of your last sentence:

When John the Baptist identified Jesus as the Lamb of God, the Jews present knew the significance of a sacrificial lamb. The blood of the sacrificial lamb at the original pass over in Egypt was applied to the door posts of the home and the death angel passed over. Thus when the blood of the Lamb of God is applied to a Believer's heart thru faith in his (Jesus’s) death, burial, and resurrection for the forgiveness of sin, the death angel passes over as the Believer no longer bears the eternal penalty of sin because the Lamb of God takes away sin.

Sorry I did not take the time to ask you what you meant, and I still really don’t know. Would you like to explain your initial point? Maybe I could do better than just throw a verse in your court :)