Comment: At the risk of being an "Anti- Semite"

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At the risk of being an "Anti- Semite"

Look who runs and controls the vast majority of the Lame Stream Media...JEWS. This is anything but a Anti Semetic remark..its the freaking TRUTH. You point out the evil of these people and right away your Anti Jew. You are made an example of. You are labled as racist ... Not "ALL JEWS" are evil..but those who are ARE! Its pathetic how this country has so many "Dual Country Citizens" in office!! And guess what country they are DUEL CITIZENS in?? ISREAL! This is 100% unconstitutional..yet excepted as no big deal..they can spy on us and steal from us NO BIG DEAL..look the other way because we dare not say anything negative against our ALLI..makes me want to PUKE. Isreal is a WELFARE recipient to the tune of BILLIONS a year..please keep in mind before you call me Anti Semetic that we must BORROW 43 cents from every $ we give to them from COMMUNIST F'n CHINA!!!!!! How sick are we anyway? Dont answer that question..I already know how sick we are..can somebody call me a DR.?

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