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"The best place for every decision"...

Let's try the tack of pointing people towards the idea of the right organization for each job rather than 'cutting' government spending. Let's use positive terms. It does little good to point out what is wrong unless at the same time, you point out the more attractive alternative. We must control our message.

We don't want 'no health care' although that is what the tyrannical enemies of liberty have succeeded in morphing our message for the undecided public into. We want the 'best health care' by putting the best people in charge of the decision making. That means individuals, doctors, educating the public about health and treatment, non-government health organizations and to some lesser degree, the local and state governments. The Constitution will guide us on the general outlines of the boundaries of responsibilities.

To follow with the health care concept a little more, of all the health insurance plans, medicare is widely despised among the health care community as the worst possible plan. Many doctors either refuse to take medicare patients or consider it to be part of their charity work. It is riddled with corruption, gives payments that do not cover the paperwork requirements and forces diagnostic and treatment options that are not in the patients best interests. Why would we let the people who have designed one of the worst existing health plans to control our total health care dollars now?

We don't want 'no education', we want parents to be educated on their role, incentivised and motivated to provide the bulk of education, then private organization and then smaller contributions by local and then state governments. The Federal Department of Education is just less effective with our education dollars. Why would we intentionally be inefficient with our education dollars?

Let's work on reshaping each piece of the Liberty puzzle into terms that are positive in expressing who the most effective and efficient people are to spend our dollars. Other than national defense, interstate contracts and sound money, there are very few other roles that the Federal government is well suited for to do the job effectively. For May 17 Money Bomb!