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Hello sister, I do hope this helps

Hello sister, well yes, there are many haters of all different kinds every which way you look.
We are never to hate any people as you know, so these are terribly wrong to begin with.

Even though we are very troubled on every side by these ungodly in the world, we are to pray for their conversion just as we ourselves were not too long ago walking in darkness, but the grace of God came unto us and He put His Spirit within, shone the Light of the Truth in our hearts to guide us in His truth and caused us to walk in His ways.

Back in Christ's day, there were many that hated Him because He testified of the truth and they still hate Him unto this very day.

Although the nation of Israel is no longer the "chosen" people of God, the restoration of the nation of Israel ( the fig tree )which happened in 1948, is a fulfillment of the scriptures and a major sign of the nearness of the return of Christ.

Nothing that man can do can either delay, or accelerate the plans of God and the return of Jesus Christ. That day has been appointed by God Himself before He ever created the world and everything is now unfolding before our very eyes.

I witness often and pass out Gospel tracts, but that will not hasten His return, but it is simply a part of His plan of ingathering.

Yes, there are people world-wide that hate Israel, the U.S., the Middle East, etc. those who want war, for whatever reasons, and then there are the remnant of God, the true remnant and followers of Jesus Christ who look unto Him in everything and understand that in these final days, there will be an increase in wickedness and hatred as the hearts of many shall wax cold, until He comes and catches up His people unto Himself.

The leaders of Israel, just as the leaders in the U.S. and every nation are corrupted!
This wickedness is throughout the world!

"Let not your heart be troubled", He tells us, and so let us look unto Him each day He gives us and be thankful that no matter what happens in this passing life, we belong unto Him forever.

"When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I"
~ Psalm 61:2 ~

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~