Comment: yes, and those verses can also be interpreted to mean that . . .

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yes, and those verses can also be interpreted to mean that . . .

at some point (before or after 1948) Jews will be given a homeland by the Messiah, not the U.N./Britain/America.

And the fact that not all Jews are in Israel and that not all the Jews in Israel are practicing Jews--

makes it even more complicated.

There is a verse in one of the minor prophets (I can't pinpoint where right now) where it is prophesied that 2/3 of the Jews will be killed in the wars preceding the ocming of Jesus Christ or Messiah--

I don't believe in trying to make that happen (unlike the Christian Zionists), but at some point those who have lived violence will be destroyed--

it's a given. And those who have proclaimed peace will live--

I believe that there have been changes made to parts, especially, of the Old Testament--

and I do believe that God plans to gather His people--

but His people are all over the world, not just those who label themselves a particular label, and His people are those who ACT like His people--

Peaceful Jews were returning on their own to Palestine and getting along with the Muslims/Arabs there before 1948--

that was hijacked by the U.N./Zionists/British--

which gathering was valid?

It remains to be seen--

but those African Jews who are of African descent whose DNA prove levitical lineage (can't find the WSJ article that talked about it in the early 90s) who went to Israel to be 'gathered' were sorely disappointed at how they were treated, because they were black--

lots of discrepancies--

Frankly, I'd rather support Rabbi Weiss and his group--

peaceable Jews who are waiting for Messiah to give them a land, without bloodshed--

but that land has already been saturated in blood--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--