Comment: I know I have changed my beliefs about Israel...

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I know I have changed my beliefs about Israel...

Just a few years ago if you were to of told me that I would not support Israel, I would have told you that you were crazy. I was raised up to believe that God would bless them that blessed Israel and curse them that didn't. Well we have supported Israel for the past 50 years and I for one do see that America is being blessed for that.

My Dad and family are staunch Zionist. They love Israel more than America, but slowly by slowly more and more people like me are being woke up.

I realize now that the Zionist running Israel are as close to being a demon from Hell as one can get. I do not support Israel now and I bet that 80 percent he was talking about is now more like 40 percent support Israel. If not less. Israel has used America for its cash cow for way to long and the mistake they are making is the same mistake that many Zionist have made over the centuries. They believe that they can control the world.

Newsflash, it's called the Internet, Israel is being exposed as one of the most wicked Countries in the world.

He and many other Zionist better think twice about trying to take the entire world into a war. It may not go that well for them this time. I don't know that they could be anymore arrogant than they are being. It is sad when you see White Nationalist care more about the people of Gaza and Iran and Iraq than you do those who were suppose to be the victims of such horrible conditions like the Holocaust. Many believe that they are milking the Holocaust to make billions of dollars from America, Germany and control most of Europe. Things can change quick on the chessboard of life.

When you collapse the worlds economy you may want to consider that you might not have that much good will built up. People in times of plenty will put up with someone like Zionist but in times of scarcity it may not be a good idea to do what Israel is now doing.

Israel is now known as the blackmailer of America. She is now known by many as to be a Country who has overthrown our own Government. Many believe Israel had a hand in the JFK killing and 9/11 the USS Liberty and so many more that Israel needs to rethink what they are doing to themselves. They are crossing a bridge that they can not come back from.