Comment: Anything Netanyahu puts on film... don't believe it!

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Anything Netanyahu puts on film... don't believe it!

As the good USA trained puppet, CFR globalist that he is, anything he allows to be put out on film is intended to distract from the real issues, and lead you along the murky path!

We should take the high road against all these CFR/Rockefeller shills, by focusing only on the points Ron Paul so eloquently enunciated in his recent speech, and not be distracted and confused by these agitprop globalist bedfellows! Do not stand down in your battle for constitutional adherence and the rule of law, for that will do more to return America to liberty and freedom than all the murky roads down which these idiot films and discussions lead!

Turn off most of what he says... he is really a Clinton and Bush ally! He has always been. It is just such hacks the CFR intends to install in every country they can bully into war and submission!

Focus on 2016 now! The precincts are floundering in confusion, They need knowledgeable, sound, constitutionally secure patriots to follow!

Ron Paul 2016... GOP, get use to it!