Comment: So much good..interspersed with unclarified...

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So much good..interspersed with unclarified...

and assumptive bad.

Like this...

"Of course, it’s easy for me to assert what I have done and I know it’s a gargantuan issue to confront. But the reality is that there’s nothing remotely in place or a light at the end of the tunnel for people to look forward to that, offers them hope and lessen their plights."

Grammatically jumbled but good, and correct as to the nature of what is approaching down the tracks...tracks existing upon a very narrow without hand holds.

Then, you throw this tidbit into the if a light had been briefly discerned in the darkness...only to be extinguished by "those darn Republicans".

"And this condition is being made worse by virtue of the pig-headedness being shown by the Republicans in vetoing anything that Obama submits, which might set to improve matters."

Besides this being contrary to most of your assertions in this piece, this is pure fallacy to anyone with half a brain who is free of the duopoly's deceptions, and certainly to most readers we are quite typically aware of the decidedly bipartisan nature of our rapists.

This is also both unclear and assumptive as it implies the existence of something that "should not have been vetoed" as it somehow would have provided an offshoot to the dark tracks you describe. This is a statement that is not only pure is one that only feeds one into the red/blue battle zone wherein 50% of your readers will likely fall off the "same page".

Facts work. Emotional hot-buttons don't...unless you were simply trying to preach to YOUR choir. You were doing fine by mixing red and blue into a foibalistic self-serving Royal Purple. You should have staid there.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?