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Thanks for actually reading what I wrote

The birth certificate issue is of the utmost importance. NOT Obama's.

No, the issue I want everyone to look into is your own birth certificates. This is in legal terms a legally binding contract we have with the state. This is the key that will unlock our chains.

We were manipulated into accepting this single document without ever being told about the true reason as to why the state issues it.

What it does is that is creates a 'legal person' of the state in which is was issued to a person. Once you have it you become a 'legal person' and hence the property of the state.

So if you want to take down the current system all you have to do is tell the state you want a new contract as you have been coerced into a legally binding contract. Is that legal in the US?

Remember in legal terms the state is nothing more than a legal person. All men are equal before the law.