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I have always

I have always believed

"Although the nation of Israel is no longer the "chosen" people of God, the restoration of the nation of Israel ( the fig tree )which happened in 1948, is a fulfillment of the scriptures and a major sign of the nearness of the return of Christ. "

to be true. How do we know? What is the scripture reference? I looked up the fig tree reference in Matt and I couldn't tell it is referring to the Nation of Israel.

I did not look it up in the other Gospels though. How do we know the fig tree is Israel. How do we know that what the Hessidic (sp?) Jews believe is not true (that only Messiah is supposed to restore Israel)?

I want to write their website but have not done so yet. I have asked my husband....very very very busy....about Scripture point in reference as to why we believe Israel being back in the promised land is prophetic (of course I do not ask at the most opportune times).

Do you know off the top of your head? Otherwise I need to study to show myself approved (and of course still will) :)