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Well...some are surely as you describe...

I am one of them. I never "buy and hold". In fact, I no longer even buy stocks...preferring to play in the S&P Futures market and have my money returned to my pocket by the end of the day. I have awaken to losses too many times and refuse to subject myself to the whims of a market that I am not presently seated in front of.

With this said, there are many who do "buy and hold" and who want and do have a say in the daily operations of a publicly traded company. Don't believe otherwise. It is this block of majority shareholders who make the lion's share of the managerial decisions as to leadership, debt-structure and direction. Alas, I will never be one of them...know what I mean?

So, while the "shareholders" playing in markets from their proverbial basements are surely lax in their "operational responsibilities" these are simply speculators buying and selling the float. They, even if they voted as one, would typically have little say in organizational theory and design.

The "responsible" people/entities are surely present and operating in EVERY publicly traded company. For lack of a better description or identifier...let's call them Big Money. In many, and across sectors that are intertwined, they very often consist of the same criminal cabal that we "theorize" about in this very blog. The same cabal that, by the initiation of the world monetary/banking system, requires that you, Joe Shmo, must take part in their system and open yourself for periodic sexual assault just to try and keep up with their constant debasement of your purchasing power.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that participation in markets is NOT a passive activity to be engendered...and employment within the economic system that it embodies carries with it great risk as slumber is not a choice here...ever.

Understanding the implications of the establishment of the "Foundations" and extrapolating America's greatest Fortunes acting in concert and growing virtually tax-free for more than 120 years, it isn't hard to see that America is now a wholly owned subsidiary of these powers. You can't do crap about it but learn how the game is played and how to maneuver within it. It's not really all that hard, but watching TV and Football isn't very efficacious to learning.

Try Norman Dodds Interview with's what woke me up.

Someone once said, "Life sucks and then you die". I guess he was pretty much right.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?