Comment: Let us be fair and objective here...

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Let us be fair and objective here...

1) To SURVIVE in modern American politics (post cold war), you need to be a subservient OR at least seems to be a subservient of the Zionist.

2) The FACT is post cold war, the Zionist have HIJACKED both parties.

3) When Rand Paul suggested to CUT giving money to all other nations, he did not mentioned Israel EVEN though Israel is included in the list. Instead he used Muslim countries.

This to me is a STRATEGY. The FACT that he was the ONLY one against the sanction recently shows he is one of us.

4) America is a big continent where 90% are IGNORANT with what is happening beyond their borders.

Americans DEPEND on Hollywood and the main stream media (does not matter if it is CNN or Fox). Guess who control these two things?

5) If he goes around criticizing Israel openly, he is finished (the MSM will attack him 24/7).

Dont blame Rand Paul. We get the Govt we deserved. Americans get the Govt they deserved because majority of our people are ignorant. Rand just playing the game to survive