Comment: For most, if they don't unionize, they get crap pay

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For most, if they don't unionize, they get crap pay

Yeah, this is a free country, they can always quit....but this is a free country, they can always collectively bargain too...and they did...and Hostess was fine for a long time. Who's to say exactly why Hostess went down the tubes now.

Also, if a company thinks the union is asking too much, then the company can quit just as much as the employee.

Anyway, if workers knew how much value they provide compared to what they are paid, there would be a lot more unions. As the economy scales up so too does the amount of money flying around; however, compensation has stayed static...and with inflation, that means workers actually get paid less every year, even though they provide the same or more value.

True, many unions are horrible themselves...often being a revenue-generator for the very corporations they claim to be against. But, frankly, the only way for employees to get more than horribly-below-value pay is through collective bargaining.

Look at it this way, good business people CONSTANTLY organize to look out for their interests. However, who says that you HAVE to be an employer to be a good business person?

Savy companies make the most in the market they are in. But a company is itself a market/an economy...where savy employers sheer workers for their value, put vending machines everywhere, offer trap-filled compensation plans (401ks, medical reimbursements, pensions), etc. Well, workers can and SHOULD play that market too. You don't have to "shrug" can make your case for better compensation.

Also, just because a union's demands may lead to a company's demise doesn't mean the union was bad. It's FAR better to be compensated well for a few years than get crap pay for a lifetime.


Hmmmm, one of the biggest faults of the Ron Paul revolution was to not use its large base to conduct productivity and consumer strikes. Strikes by the people is one of the few actual powers they have (Rosa Parks bus consumer strike, illegal immigration strikes, Ghandi's productivity strikes, etc).

In fact, the war has been used to break many unions and strikes in the middle east and here in the USA. Israel was have a ton of strikes to get better compensation, but then the war broke out and striking was deemed unpatriotic and illegal in parts of the middle east.


Why all the anti-union mentality? Our government has relentlessly worked to make the people think that they have more power than they actually have (the vote) AND to think that unions are horrible. The chief union-basher are the neo-con show hosts...which is the height of hypocrisy as they are in unions themselves: