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Comment: Not secede

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Not secede

Simply demand to read the birth certificate contract in full. They cannot deny you this.

In case they reject a court battle there is one thing left to do which is to gather attention to the cause. Not through the media as they are part of the state propaganda in every nation.

I recon it would take about 250 thousand 'legal persons' (guessing) in the US to kill the present contract as the state would run out money to enforce its power over legal persons until the matter is solved in a court of law. The state doesn't have any right to coerce another legal person against that legal persons will.

You can start by making a petition and ask the President about the full details of this contract between the 2 legal persons. The state and the legal citizen. That's a simple one, right?

Why others have failed is simply because you must unite as a people. Not as single political activists. Then you play their game and you will lose.

The reason why the state continues to ignore the constitution is because of the birth certificate. The constitution recognizes the state and legal persons rights. But it differs as to what powers both parties enjoy. It just gives the state an advantage in terms of power. Sorry, but that's how it is.

So yes, the politicians can tell you they work for you. But the state pays their salaries with your money. Who do they work for. If everything was working well and all men are equal before the law we wouldn't have this debate at all.

You need to look at the declaration of independence which clearly states all men are equal before the law.

This is THE single issue Ron Paul should have focused on. He would have easily won that argument. It's so simple to explain to the public. So why didn't he.

Believe it or not. But this certificate is what gives the banks the power to issue your currency at interest. Because in legal terms the bank was given this right by the state. It (FED) was legally created by the state. They both depend on each other you see. The state can do whatever it wants as your rights was defined by the state to begin with. You are not free and never have been.

It is up to the people if you want your freedom. Paul cannot force it through by himself. He is only one legal person. But I know for a fact he was given the information during this recent campaign. He choose not to act on it. But saying there are no other options is simply not true.

Anyway, up to you. It's your life and freedom at stake. Not mine. I will take action together with quite a few legal persons in my own country. We get it and are prepared to act on it within the next couple of weeks.

We will then demand the implementation of MPE. (mathematically perfected economy as explained by Mike Montagne) if the state is still to exist it will accept those terms. Otherwise we will shut it down. Legally and without causing any violence. We and the state differ on that issue.

The new contract will consist of nothing except common law. You are free to enter the contract on equal basis with the state. But we will enforce common law locally and nationally. No more bollocks from those parasites in power.