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Comment: That is historically correct, but utterly irrelevant.

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That is historically correct, but utterly irrelevant.

What's your point?

Ashkenaz are not genetically related to Khazars ( <1% ). Nor are there many Khazar Jews in Israel. (There are maybe a few hundred in all per DNA data, i.e. a couple of families).

These nonsense theories about Khazar "false Jews" being the inheritors of Israel are just that, nonsense, as hard DNA data proves.

Ashkenaz are over 90% related through Y-DNA to the original 12 tribes and the Sephardim over 98%, with the Ashkenaz to Sephardim relationship through DNA pushing 95%.

You can downvote hard scientific data, but you can't refute it nor does the downvote change the data which speaks for itself.