Comment: Like all Ron Paul supporters,

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Like all Ron Paul supporters,

I wish the UN had never been created.
But, the geopolitical nation of Israel wasn't dependent on the UN for creation. If the UN hadn't existed, the Jews would have still created their own state. That was after all the main reason the Haganah was terrorizing the British, trying to make them leave.

No, it wasn't fair to the Arabs. But, they were unwilling to live as loyal, equal, Israeli citizens, or as a peaceful, non-citizenized minority, something Ben-Gurion repetitively offered them and they were unable to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean (kind of like militant Native Americans were unwilling to live peaceably under U.S. rule and unable to drive the Europeans into the Atlantic).

I'm a Christian who believes the reestablishment of Israel is a part of God's plan for the future. That doesn't mean I believe we should try to "make prophecy happen." I believe if it's in the Bible, it's going to happen in God's timing regardless of what we do. But, once again, just because God promised to restore the descendants of Abraham and their nation to the former land of Canaan does not mean Israel and its leaders are in favor with God. That won't happen until Christ returns to Earth and the Jews repent nationally for rejecting Him when He came the first time.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese