Comment: Most Jews from the Israelite trbie converted to Islam

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Most Jews from the Israelite trbie converted to Islam

and settled in Palestine. The Y-DNA of palestinian proved they also came from the jews of ancient times

1. There is not much difference btw Judaism n Islam. Both believe in one unique God. Both eat animals with no blood etc.

2. Only in America it is considered "outrageous" to think that Palestinian of today had connections with the Israeli tribes.

3. Majority of the Israelis living in Israel today are atheist. If you look at history, they came from former Soviet states

4. What happened was, when western european ppl butchered and killed jews throughout the ages, they fled to Ottoman provinces. Majority converted to Islam but some did not.

5. That is why the war in Jerusalem is a war about land and not religion. The Europeans had no right to gave away Palestinian land to the European Jews just because they want to atone their centuries of sin.

The Palestinian did not cause Auswitch. Hitler was not a Palestinian. Why take Palestinian land? Why not create a safe home for Polish Jew in Poland?