Comment: I don't comprehend why Japan should buy our debt.

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I don't comprehend why Japan should buy our debt.

When they have so much of their own, ain't that enough for their island nation?

If debt were real give & take, governments should promptly pay off which ever was worse. They would leave none to banker imagination. Alas, debt is not give & take at the national & international level. It is take. See Dr Ron Paul words of wisdom about, "out-of-thin-air."

GDP is a measure of spending. It is what was spent. It is a summation of national accounts; yet, has little, if anything, to do with paying national debt. Nor the intention of paying. Economists argue that it is descriptive of "ability to pay." This is nonsense, as any household soon finds out. What you spent is gone. You pay debt w/ what you manage to save.

The US Government does not save, any more than "daylight-savings-time"is yours to keep. The whole world is awash in debt. See James 5 in the Bible. For those of strong will, see Leviticus 25. Bring an old dictionary.... Webster's Dictionary, 1828.


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