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Comment: RP Supporters

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RP Supporters

are mostly confused.

Yes, pro-Israel GOP is supported by USA Christian religious "right" and conservative Jewish lobby. On the other hand, those who want USA to be not "pro-Israel" (and make it the very important piece of foreign policy) want destruction of Israel. If they (like RP himself) were arguing about cutting foreign aid to ALL, including European banks, few would object (then Israel would be actually stronger, UK, Spain and France weaker.)

RP himself said that regardless of GOP and DEM, USA foreign policies stay the same. Intellectual midgets confuse $3.5B bribe to Israel (or compenation for not trading with Russia and China) as something that Israel cannot live without.

But hatred to Israel blinds many. They do not understand that USA plays both hands - it allows Israel to defend itself, but never to achieve a long-lasting victory. In 1953 USA forced Israel to withdrew from Suetz canal, allowed only 6 days to fight the war of 1967, then forced to give up Sinai, then "peace for land", then Bush's "road map" shackles, then no fly over Iraq, etc.

But at DP chats, collectivist thumb downs bring warm fuzzy feeling of being right.