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Comment: Our country originally

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Our country originally

Our country originally operated as a 4 legged table. The three legs that are still in operation nowdays are the judicial, legislative and executive branches. The fourth was the liberty of the states to tell the federal government,"NO!". We have lost that power to an overreaching federal government just exactly as was warned about in the Federalist Papers. Lincoln may have had the best of intentions but eradicating the right of states to refuse the federal government edicts was the wrong method. He didn't want to follow the Constitution because it wouldn't give the federal government power over the states where he could order the states to obey his wishes. By removing the right of the states to refuse the federal government the balance was upset and the now-three legged table teetered for 150 years but now that table has fallen over. Lincoln and Johnson took shortcuts that we are reaping the ills from today. Restore the tenth Amendment!