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I agree Dr. Paul or any

I agree Dr. Paul or any gooberment official that had a morals would want the same thing. Did they horribly handle the investigation and it's explanation to us, absolutely! Would it have shown that secret explosive, lizard people or zionist secretly planned and executed it, no. It would have found and probably did that the US's "intelligence" agencies are woefully ineffective at best and criminally negligent at worst. But how do you think people would have handled that nugget of truth?

Maybe many people that think that 9/11 was pivotal are wrong and they are not really helping out the cause as they are akin to build the fence, pro/con abortion fanatics etc, who feel that all of our problems can be solved by people just getting THIS.

Maybe many people that think that 9/11 was pivotal are right, but many of them approach others if they have been born again and just trying to spread the good word. Just look at these videos, look at what he said, you see that highly pixelated puff of something, must be lizard people fart that brought the building down. If they want to "expose" the 9/11 truth then why not just push for the truth without all these really poorly concocted theories that make most truthers look like a bunch of damn fools, again using conjecture to try and prove their theory. Just push for the release of the investigation for starters, unredacted. Then go from there.

As far as "9/11 being pivotal to having liberty stolen", is naive. They have been eroding our liberties for a century now, 9/11 is barely a blip on the screen.