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populist answer is popular, because it is simple and fits brains of your size. Popular average size.

If you believe that god works in mysterious ways, you can believe that "Zionists" force USA voters to vote in particular ways, prevent non-Jews to become rich and donate to their politicians and that Jews were the only ones who decided to re-elect Obama.

Why do you bring that NWO order tool, UN? When populists argue against NWO, people like you mean also Zionists. But UN is hostile to Zionists.

Now back to answer your 1-4. USA keeps Israel dependable, but an "ally" in order to harvest its technologies. After Jews created nuclear bombs for USA and Russia, Pentagon understand that Jews can be used if kept dependable. USA gov central planners also understand that people of average (popular) brain size, EU Fabians and USA affirmative-action recipients do not invent much.