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I share your frustration

People tend to want to look at it individually. "This" one event could have happened, just as they say. "That" one event also could have happened, just as they say.
This assumes each happened in a vacuum.
I believe that coincidence is possible, and a very dangerous thing. Sometimes coincidence just seems to stack against people. (been there, done that).
However, that day, every American should have bought a lottery ticket, cuz that was one wild ride.

Whatever did happen to the 4.3 trillion Rumsfeld lost? Whatever did happen in that Enron fiasco? Oh, wait; the records of both those events were destroyed that day, in two separate places, by the same event. The pentagon situation was separated by almost an hour from the towers, but, that makes it more interesting, and still very much connected.

The Pentagon is arguably the most secure, defended building in the world, or at least, this country. How did they miss a slow moving jumbo jet? Presumably, they have missile defense of that building. It can see missiles, but not planes? Only two frames from a crappy camera exist on that? Some argue that people wouldn’t believe that even if there were pictures and video. But, where are those pictures and videos? The pentagon is literally bristling with cameras. Am I the only one that thinks that’s odd?
As a whole, the situation is Swiss cheese, whatever may have happened to the buildings.

Don't forget the evidence of the Israelis, who were seen filming the plane impacts and cheering, both of them. According to the story by the police, they described themselves as Israeli.
Also, there was a van packed with explosives on the George Washington Bridge, in NYC.
I surmise these Israelis were probably mossad.(just speculation)

The evidence of Nano-thermite in the dust is pretty incontrovertible, IMO. The evidence is there, for anyone to refute, but, all I see is personal attacks on Professor Steven Jones. Just because it has never been publicly accepted by the media, doesn’t mean Nano-thermite doesn’t exist. I have seen Nano-machines smaller than a pin head, with moving gears and everything. It’s not possible that someone invented Nano-thermite?

The Stealth Bomber was flying for a decade, and “didn’t exist”.

When the connections between the CIA, Al Quada, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al., is examined, the entire story falls apart.
The official narrative is impossible for me to accept at face value. I had to suspend less disbelief for the latest Hollywood blockbuster.
It boils down to "do you believe the government or not?"
Since I KNOW they lie, I do not. ;)

Just open the box and see