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Comment: So you do agree that Palestinian are Jew

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So you do agree that Palestinian are Jew

1. So both the European Jews from Poland/Russia/etc share the same descendant as the Palestinian.

2. So now that we understood that, the next question is who has more right to the land?

3. Imagine a guy from Virginia and a guy from California arguing which one of them should be able to live in San Francisco.

4. The Virginia guy argue that since Virginia is part of "Original America" it has more historical cloud.

5. The California guy argue since San Francisco has always been part of California, then he should be able to live there.

6. The best is for them to BOTH live there as AMERICANS.

7. Similar with Palestine/Israel. The best if for them to live together like they did before WW1. However, Israel dont want this because they want a race-based state.