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Don't forget

all the cameras in the surrounding area, such as gas stations, hotels etc. that were confiscated just minutes after the pentagon was hit by the

Why did the goverment criminals confiscate all those cameras?
Why have they not shown what was on all that footage?

Yes, the pentagon is the most protected piece of real estate on planet earth, with the most sophisticated surface to air defence systems know to man, and it got hit.

There is even testimony of one rep ( I believe from Hawaii ) who testified before congress that Cheney was told that an unidentified object was coming in from 40 miles out, then 30, then 20 and he asked if the orders still stand! Cheney snapped around and said " have you heard otherwise" ( I can't remember the actual quote but this is close ).

Cheney was letting that missle come in an hit the people who were working on the missing $2.3 trillion.

What happened to NORAD that day?
Well, guess who was in charge of NORAD that day?
Yep, Cheney!

It is very evident and speaks for itself, what these heartless, dispicable murderers have done.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~