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Comment: Utopia

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started long before Marx. Religious groups in Europe and USA tried many times to buy land and build communal farms to prove that Utopia can work. None worked, so people blamed the rich (Alex Jones 5-6 banks of the past.) Vatican passed anti Usury laws, still no prosperity. They blamed Free Masons (like some blame Zionists today), still no better harvest.

Then Marx came up with historical dialectic of inevitability of Socilaism when capitalism matures to the point it buries itself. Lenin simply could not wait so long. Neither could the masses. Their low productivity and high population numbers (caused by the level of capitalist technology at the time that reduced child mortality, but could not give high standard of living to all yet) made them both powerful in numbers and envy in spirit.

The organized church actually favors socialist collective structure, they just want to see themselves as a wise central planner on the top.