Comment: Seriously. Mr. Net-I-hate-you

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Seriously. Mr. Net-I-hate-you


Mr. Net-I-hate-you is such a shining delightful person, every time he has something to say.

Yet, for some eerie reason, I feel for the 49% (or less) minority of Israelis who DIDN'T vote for him and have to live under his delicate BOOT and to listen to his neverending lessons of hatred.

Oh, and as much strangely, I also feel for this Palestinian people who are so lucky to "live" right next to such a compassionate neighbor.

Ahhh... that good Mr. Net-I-hate-you, this unique leader of such a unique martyr people.

He will be dearly missed by all of us, once he'll have engulfed this entire planet in the Fires and Massacres of Hell of this WWIII he is sooo zealously busy preparing !

Satan Bless.

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