Comment: Thanks for wondering.

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Thanks for wondering.

Thanks for wondering.

Err... Is it not a rhetorical question, though ?

If not, short answers :

When ? Well, like ... EVERY FREAKING time it has been attempted, TODAY included, and...

Where ? Well, like ... EVERYWHERE, consistently, and constantly shrinking the middle class to nothing, with everybody else in misery but the head of THE STATE.

Skeptical ?

Well, go for it : ask the person you're talking to...

to find us JUST ONE counter-example, where everybody was happy and no one was oppressed - you know, "as advertised" in the normative Manifesto.

Wish him/her good luck on my behalf.

For more info on the inception of Neo-socialism, neo-fascism in the USA :

see Jekyll Island meeting - planning of the Federal Reserve System, 1910.


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