Comment: Should they just let the missiles fall?

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Should they just let the missiles fall?

Hey, i am 100% pro Ron Paul's position on this. But he speaks of Israel's right to self defense. If you people want Israel driven into the sea or exterminated just say so. Don't talk around it.

If these asses are firing missiles, it is the responsibility of the Gov't of Gaza to put a stop to it. That is clear as day.

We all need to cut the crap and lay it out. My position is, let them fight it out. I thought our position was neutrality. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that the Arab is snow white and the Jew is evil, because I personally know that that is not the case.

I fear our cause for freedom and sound money will be delayed by all the jew bashing. The entire middle eastern thing is just a big distraction to me and apparently to you all. We should simply get out, not switch sides.

Isn't it enough to be for neutrality and for the elimination of foreign aide to all parties?

Or, do we all have to jump on the Arab bandwagon, because I assure you, that is one bandwagon a lot of us are not willing to jump on.