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This is a silly comment. NIST

This is a silly comment. NIST collected data and reported it... The data collected can't explain the collapse - so they fudged data until the scenario they were told to come up with worked in their models. So, there are two parts to the report 1) the actual evidence and 2) the fudged models and experiments. Its easy to see that their report suffers from multiple personality disorder. They admit in the report that "Oh, this didn't happen, but its obvious that it did so, it happened."

They are more or less trying to tell you "Hey, we are totally making this shit up in order to fit a story, but if you look at our footnotes you can see that its made up." "We aren't lying, we are just jumping to false conclusions that isn't supported by our own data."

I actually am friends with a guy who works with one of the engineers who did the official modeling for the impact but I haven't yet got to read that full report and get some questions asked.