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Incessantly bashing democrats... while campaigning for republicans... WHO DO THE SAME THING?

Turning your back on your father and Constitutional Liberty to ENDORSE A LEFTIST, PROGRESSIVE, CHICKENHAWKING, CONSTITUTION-SHREDDING JACKHOLE, on the ANTI-Ron Paul, DISGUSTINGLY FAKE-conservative Sean Hannity show?

Suggesting a pathway to citizenship for LAW-BREAKING, ETHNOCENTRIC ILLEGAL ALIEN SQUATTERS (with additional crimes that have given America corpse-piles that block the sun) - all to give the leftist republican party a percentage 2014/2016 bump (THAT WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPEN ANYWAY)?

Campaigning for the leftist republican party elites, thus LENDING CREDIBILITY TO THEM by FALSELY ATTACHING the Liberty Movement AND the Tea Party to them? And thus FURTHER SHOVING OUT third parties from public consideration?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.