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My friend, what follows

My friend, what follows is only the way I see it.

What you call a "bubble" that you're concerned it might burst ... is much more likely, rather... to be an un-detonated bomb.

What you see as price spikes really are the shivers of something meant to literally explode, but still in the waiting.

See... what are gold and silver ?

Money. Real money. Worth of name money. They both have been so, all along ... millenniums of mankind.

Properties :

scarcity, high (in physics sense) work cost to mine, divisible, portable, "liquid", and for the second, silver, in this information technology and new energies age : unavoidable, in as many industrial applications.

The inception in the 1910s of the global fiat money SCAM we have currently is the sole reason both silver and gold, and ESPECIALLY silver, are more than 100x UNDERVALUED today, as we'll remember when the laws of supply-demand come back and overcome the largest RIGGING of currencies ever made in human history.

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