Comment: value investing vs. speculation

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value investing vs. speculation

you are asking us to speculate on short term manipulations?

I don't speculate, I buy in where I feel comfortable and I don't look back because I am not to looking to cash out anytime soon. You would do much better in the equities market for that.

here is how I see things
to me, gold/silver is money.

dollars or paper or even electronic transactions are mediums of exchange. sometimes gold/silver (PMs) can be mediums of exchange but much less often.

money is a storage of wealth
wealth is your assets minus liabilities
money must meet five requirements
it must be
1)universally recognized
5)hard to duplicate (counterfeit)

think about this for a bit and then think about how many pieces of paper you want to exchange to have physical in your possession.

in the final analysis, its a game of confidence...all things being equal if two bubbles pop, one being paper (the dollar) and the other being gold/silver...which would you rather have in your hand?