Comment: End the Fed.

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End the Fed.

You have applied much effort to explain your global perspective. Rather shy on references. Dependent on the exchange rate of two national currencies. Thanks just the same. Here are a few things you may consider to flavor your global perspective.

Learn about monopoly, in lands where they are outlawed. Run by outlaws.

Learn about how the numbers you use may be manipulated by just one of many corporations. How is it the Forex ® determines that the US is rich & China is poor? Oh, the market. Who competes with Forex?

Who competes with the Fed in the US? Who competes w/ the Central Bank of China in China? What must it be like to awake one morning to find the paper-money folks use daily in trade, is revalued... adjusted by currency players that decide one currency shall go up, whilst another down. What if your measure is not Dollar nor Yuan? Not any money at all? Which nation is producing the most? Which delivers the most to market? Which profits the most? Which benefits the most?

What if your measures included weight, purity, function & benefit?

To be fair to the living, try doing calculations in any extinct paper currency.

Not gold nor silver. That may be too shocking.

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