Comment: Ron Paul On Constitutional Convention He Says No!

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Ron Paul On Constitutional Convention He Says No!

Ron Paul On Constitutional Convention He Says No!

Dear Friend:

Thank you for expressing your concern that attempting to roll back the dangerous expansion of government power through constitutional amendment will bring about a constitutional convention. You are indeed correct that a modern constitutional convention, given today's political climate, would be dangerous to liberty by leaving us open to sudden, sweeping change in our government.

I must point out, however, that initiating or passing an amendment is not calling for a constitutional convention, is not an invitation to do so, and is not nearly as dangerous. During the amendment process, we are not any more open to the dangers of a convention than at any other time. We have seen twenty-seven amendments to the Constitution without a convention being called. Amendments are the constitutional and safe way to change our form of government because the particular and limited issue addressed by an amendment requires a long, involved process to change the Constitution for very limited and specific ends. With each proposed amendment there is ample time to point out any apparent threats to liberty and warn our fellow citizens.

Contrast this to the current situation where almost anything can become law if a mere, momentary majority in Congress and the current president agrees. The amendment process is the proper, constitutional way to change our government's power, rather than by arbitrary lawmaking or regulatory rulemaking. Thank you again for your vigilance and dedication to liberty.


Ron Paul

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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