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Training Days

I live near Fort Irwin National Training Center which is a very large Military Base where Desert Warfare Training happens all the time.

The Military is now hiring people to act like Iraqi people and these employees act like they are in Iraq so that Military Soldiers can act like they are what? I don't know: at war with unarmed people?

My mother has a friend who is one of these people who are hired to act like Iraqi people, and she shows up for work, goes out in the desert, dresses up like and Iraqi, and Soldiers have Training Days with Iraqi people actors, and the Iraqi people actors pretend they are a part of the Big Show - I guess. The pay is good, a lot of money for a little bit of work, and much of the time the employees play cards.

Lies go deep.

"What is a work bell. Is it self imposed?"

My dad used the term "work bell" all the time. So now I use the term. When it is time to go to work, it is time to go to work, I was born, so I work, I would not work if I did not have to work, I think that is why they call it work.